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PeopleSoft PeopleTools I & II Training

PeopleSoft PeopleTools I&II Training

PeopleTools Training will prepare you to understand, learn Rapid Application Development methodology (RDM).


  • To make you understand and competent for the PeopleSoft Application Development using Rapid Development methodology (RDM)

You will understand the following.

  • PeopleSoft system architecture
  • Application Designer
  • Application Security
  • Developing and customizing existing applications.
  • Developing fields, records, pages, and components.
  • Portal Components
  • PeopleSoft Databases
  • PeopleCode
  • PeopleSoft Project
  • Planning the Application
  • Functional Specs
  • Technical Specs

Duration: 30 Hours


  • Application Developers
  • Technical Consultant

Expected Knowledge:

  • Experience in using Windows Operating Systems
  • Understanding relational database systems
  • SQL language
  • Programming experience in other languages (eg: java, C++, VB etc.)

Creating New/Modifying Defining Fields

  • Creating Field Definitions
  • Field Definition Types and Properties
  • Assigning Translate Values

Creating New/Modifying Record Definitions

Record Definitions, Types, Properties and Building Data Tables.

Lookup Values

  • Prompt Tables
  • Dynamic Prompts
  • Effective Dating
  • Xlat Values

Creating New/Modifying Page Definitions

  • Page Design & Definitions, Page Control Properties
  • Scroll Areas, Level and Grids
  • Search Pages
  • Relational Display
  • Button and Links to Internal and External Pages

Creating New/Modifying Components

  • Component Definition, Component Properties

Creating New/Modifying Menu

  • Menu Definitions, Properties and Uses

Creating New/Modifying HTML Definitions

  • HTML Objects, Java Script PeopleSoft

Creating New/Modifying Page Security

  • Permission Lists
  • Roles
  • Users

Images in PeopleSoft Applications

  • Creating New/Modifying Image Definitions
  • Image Field Definitions
  • Using PeopleCode to manage Images
  • Differentiating Between Image Definitions and Image Fields


Style Sheets

  • Creating New or modifying Style Sheet Definitions, Elements
  • Overriding the System Style Sheet
  • PeopleCode to Modify the Style Property of a Field Object

Creating New/Modifying Portal Registry

  • Component Registration
  • Folders
  • Navigations
  • Structure and Content References

Message Catalogs

  • Creating Message Catalogue
  • Its Uses


  • What is PeopleCode
  • How to Write PeopleCode Programs
  • How to Access PeopleCode
  • Elements of PeopleCode
  • PeopleCode Standards
  • Managing PeopleCode Programs
  • PeopleCode Events
  • PeopleCode for Rowsets

Creating Custom Objects with Application Classes

  • Object-Oriented Design
  • Application Packages
  • Application Classes

Application Testing

  • Analysis of Applications and Changes to Applications
  • Creating and Analyzing Test Plans
  • Testing Applications
  • Troubleshooting Issues

DD Audit and SysAudit

  • Synchronizing Record Definitions and Database Tables

Data Audits

  • Record Level, Field Level Audits and their impacts

Importing and Exporting Projects

  • Creating a project
  • Merging Projects
  • Exporting and importing Projects

Development Standards

  • Explaining Development Standards
  • Procedures to follow


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