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    Billing allows you to customize, calculate, and submit invoices in multiple currencies and languages. You can manage bill cycles and streamline processes to create a billing system that reflects the way you do business.

  • Share customer information across business units, and maintain unlimited customer addresses and contacts
  • Access customer notes, and define your own payment terms
  • Record unlimited bill lines with definable line types
  • Apply unlimited, multilevel percentage or specific amount discounts and surcharges
  • Support zero and credit balance invoices, and establish one or multiple accounting entries per bill line
  • Store bill-to, ship-to, sold-to, and service-to customer information
  • Review, approve, and correct complete billing activity online
  • Streamline manual bill entry, and support online credit card authorization and credit card payment settlement
  • Supply bill charge information to Billing directly from PeopleSoft Enterprise Order Management, Projects, and Contracts
  • Receive direct RMA credits and credit card transactions from Order Management
  • Provide direct invoicing from PeopleSoft Order Management, Projects, and Contracts
  • Exchange accounting entries at summary or detail level with PeopleSoft General Ledger
  • Take advantage of a standardized application programming interface (API) to consolidate information from external third-party and homegrown billing source systems
  • Print invoices and billing reports in your customer’s preferred language and currency
  • Calculate value-added tax (VAT)

 Inventory
Inventory is a flexible, comprehensive inventory management system that enables you to increase your inventory accuracy and customer service levels and, at the same time, reduce your carrying costs, labor costs, and inventory write-offs.
• Gain real-time visibility into your inventory to guide swift and accurate decision-making.
• Create flexible controls and inventory tracking systems that reflect the unique way you do business.
• Strategically track all your demand requirements to maximize your customer service levels.
• Design flexible put-away plans, track the physical location and transfer of items, and maintain lot and serial controls for simplified material logistics.
• Increase labor productivity and inventory accuracy by selecting your preferred automated data collection solution—radio frequency, wedge, batch, or any combination of these—to use with Inventory.
• Simplify third-party label formatting and printing by creating label-specific flat files of your bar code data.
• Print bar codes on standard reports for easy reference. Enter and maintain costing information quickly and easily, and use that information to calculate appropriate valuations easily.

 Order Management
Order Management offers visibility into system wide product availability—from current inventory levels to order status information. Synchronize your orders with product availability in real time, no matter where the orders are coming from—field sales, the web, email, call centers, electronic data interchange (EDI), or fax.
• Speed the order process with CTI and multiple routing options, quick transaction selection, and streamlined order tracking.
• Check real-time product availability to manage orders accurately through tight integration with PeopleSoft Enterprise Inventory and Order Promising.
• Create comprehensive customer information files, track customer credit, and avoid future credit problems.
• Define flexible pricing—from simple price lists to sophisticated multi level pricing structures—to maximize product revenues.
• Set up flexible buying arrangements for customers or groups of customers to reward profitable buying behavior.

 Purchase Order
Purchasing enables you to manage your purchasing activities online for the most efficient, cost-effective procurement of raw materials, goods, and services.
• Centralize or decentralize control for the unique purchasing requirements of your organization.
• Move critical procurement processes online—requisitions, change orders, purchase orders, contracts, and shipment receipts
• Capture and maintain comprehensive records of the raw materials, goods, and services.
• Capture additional costs—such as the freight, duty, and setup charges associated with each purchase.
• Manage complete supplier information in one location.
• Reduce the cost of small dollar purchases by supporting and controlling the use of procurement cards.

 Account Receivable
PeopleSoft Receivables enables you to streamline your accounts receivable processes to accelerate collections, reduce credit risk, resolve exceptions quickly, and ultimately decrease your cost of working capital.
• Credit and Collection Management. By integrating credit and collection management into the receivables process, PeopleSoft Receivables allows you to manage customer account balances consistently and automatically.
• Deduction and Exception Processing. Handle exceptions quickly and cost effectively using deduction and dispute management.
• Streamlined Processing. Increase efficiency by automating and streamlining transaction processing.

 Account Payable
Payables enables you to manage disbursements efficiently while keeping strong controls over matching, approval processes, and payments.
• Streamlined processing. From invoice to payment, Payables gives you the tools to easily manage transaction processing and maintain vendor relationships.
• Extensive vendor maintenance. Payables tracks information vital to vendor management, so you can maintain control over your cash flow and promote good vendor relations.
• Powerful inquiry and analytical capabilities. Payables delivers all of the reporting tools you need to achieve extensive visibility into performance and make informed decisions.
• Flexible, user-defined system setup. Customize Payables to meet your unique business processes.

 General Ledger
General Ledger delivers an extensive financial management solution that goes beyond traditional ledger functions.
• Flexible accounting structure. Define how you want to capture and access your financial information based on your unique requirements.
• Comprehensive journal processing. Collect and control data efficiently. Import high-volume journals from spreadsheets. Create templates for recurring transactions.
• Hierarchical summarizations. Easily understand your reporting and processing relationships through intuitive, visual hierarchies. When your organization changes, simply update the trees and changes are dynamically reflected throughout the system.
• Intuitive inquiry and reporting. Use standard accounting and control reports as well as easy-to-use tools that enable you to create any type of financial or management inquiry or report.
• Dynamic allocations. Automate allocating any type of information in your financial accounting system.
• Comprehensive consolidations. Consolidate and report the financial results of any number of related legal entities or operating units.

 Project Costing
Project Costing provides budgeting capabilities and greater oversight into project transactions. Enable world-class program management, asset capitalization, and billing and internal charge-backs with Project Costing.
• Budgeting features that support both revenue and cost budgeting allocations.
• Alerts and online budget-to-actuals analytics configurable with multiple selection criteria and detailed drill down capabilities.
• Utilize unlimited work breakdown structure to create a visual representation of the project tree.
• Leverage information in transactions in process analytic to resolve bottlenecks and fix errors.
• Easily integrate with Microsoft Project via direct linking of Project file attachments to PeopleSoft project records. No integration wizard required.
• Integrate with PeopleSoft Project Portfolio Management and PeopleSoft Program Management for a complete project lifecycle solution.
 Asset Management: Fixed Asset Accounting
Leverage the value of your fixed asset inventory and minimize the cost of tracking physical assets. Use a flexible system that extends beyond adding, transferring, depreciating, and retiring.
• Comprehensive financial and tax solutions. Ensure compliance with changing tax and accounting requirements.
• Flexible depreciation. Set up and maintain an unlimited number of depreciation methods for each asset.
• Unsurpassed asset control. Store extensive physical asset information to maintain tight control over your assets throughout their life cycle.
• Powerful asset, adjustment, and transfer functionality.
• Capital acquisition planning. Plan, budget, and track capital acquisitions.
• Insurance, licensing, and regulation management. Retain, analyze, and manage comprehensive coverage and location information of your assets as well as costs and insurance claims.
• Extensive asset inventory tools. Reconcile inventory data collected from inventory collection instruments, including hand-held devices and discovery tools.
 Cash Management
• Effectively manage liquidity and investment returns with Cash Management, an enterprise solution for cash forecasting, reconciliation, and settlement.
• Take advantage of attractive market rates by setting your cash position early in the day.
• Monitor fund movements with intra-day cash positioning.
• Connect to your bank in real-time with electronic bank communication.
• Reduce costs with automatic bank reconciliation and statement accounting.
 Business Planning and Budgeting
Business Planning and Budgeting delivers top-down strategic planning with continuous forecasting and bottom-up budgeting
• End-to-End Planning and Budgeting: Seed detailed budgets with strategic plan goals that provide visibility into planning targets.
• Rolling Forecasting: Facilitate long-term and short-term planning by forecasting results that use historical information and updated plans to reflect current business models.
• Collaborative Environment: Interact with the portion of the plan applicable to your work. Role-based access allows employees at every level of the enterprise to focus on the information that is relevant to their activities.
• PeopleSoft’s Enterprise Warehouse: Incorporate information from other PeopleSoft or third-party applications as well as legacy data by using the Enterprise Warehouse open data model.
• Flexible System Design: Build control and oversight into the process by defining user rules and modeling your way of doing business, including using multiple currency functionality.
• Scenario-Based Modeling: Perform what-if analysis to measure the impact of different business scenarios.
• Dynamic Reporting and Analysis: Create full financial statement modeling on a pro forma basis.
• Intuitive User Interface: Use standard browser technology to provide instant access to financial data anytime, anywhere


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