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• CRM Support

PeopleSoft CRM Support streamline and integrate enterprise-wide service processes and deliver a positive experience to your customers. CRM Support allows your entire support organization to have access to real-time customer information, so it can respond quickly and accurately to customer needs every time.

• Provide customers a choice of communication

• Generate revenue with additional product and service sales

• Improve agent productivity with Quick Codes and ensure that common problems are captured and identified

• Search for solutions through one-click access to the top 10 FAQs

• CRM Support Self-Service

PeopleSoft Support Self-Service enable customers to solve problems, update account information, and check the status of service requests whenever and wherever they want. At the same time, service organizations are able to reach more customers and increase satisfaction while reducing live agent intervention and related costs.

• Check the status of existing or submit new service requests on a 24X7 basis

• Utilize relevancy and usage scores and a brief excerpt from the solution to quickly determine which solutions to consider.

• Use links on every self-service page to quickly obtain assisted service via email or real-time chat.

• Review frequently asked questions (FAQs).

• Add notes and attach files to a case.

• Close resolved cases and, if necessary, reopen them.

• Purchase services or renew agreements.

• CRM Sales

• Order Capture

Order Capture enables you to capture orders at any customer touch point and seamlessly integrate the information with supply chain, fulfillment, and billing systems. It can be deployed across multiple channels to automate and improve labor-intensive processes for offer configuration, quoting, proposal generation, and order entry.

• Streamline the sales process

• Trigger alerts to sales representatives and agents

• Support a variety of order types

• Extend the order-to-cash process to partners and other sales channels

• Increase revenue from agreements

• Manage complex pricing

• Integrate billing and financial systems

• Check order status and inventory availability

• Order Capture Self-Service

Empower your customers (businesses and consumers) and partners with the ability to place orders and check the status of their orders via the web. With Order Capture Self Service, your customers and partners leverage an intuitive user interface that facilitates product selection, configuration, and order entry.

• Browse and search personalized catalogs with pricing information for efficient ordering of products, services, and agreements.

• Define multiple billing, shipping, and site addresses

• Save quotes and orders in their shopping cart

• Check fulfillment status online or set up email notification

• Obtain context-sensitive help

• Update personal information

• Request to be contacted or chat online

• CRM Portal Pack

• Marketing

Marketing is a modular product that provides robust customer data management, segmentation, campaign management, resource management, and marketing analytics, which enable marketers to plan and execute on outbound and inbound marketing strategies.

• Understand marketing program and channel performance.

• Test offers and campaigns using control groups, ensuring that marketing investments drive returns.

• Use real-time campaign analysis to understand campaign performance while the campaign is executing and make adjustments to optimize marketing investments.

• Coordinate multiple channels and event triggers to automate response actions, such as the ability to continue successful campaigns and discontinue campaign investments that are not driving results.

• Manage all aspects of all marketing programs, including budgets, teams, marketing tasks, content, approvals, and spending.

• Field Service

Field Service ensures total life-cycle management of service requests for customers, technicians, contact center agents and third-party maintainers. A flexible service-order and dispatch management solution, Field Service provides a 360-degree view of your contacts, contracts, parts, time, and expenses

• Manage preventive maintenance programs and automatically generate and schedule service orders, reducing costs associated with maintenance programs.

• Auto-calculate service-order duration based on entitlements and the service providers predefined service and activity duration times.

• Define multiple relationships for each customer to better understand their value and maintain a comprehensive, consistent customer history.

• Log, assign, and track service orders automatically, including required skills, tasks, and configuration updates.

• Integrate with PeopleSoft Enterprise Support and create service orders directly from a case. Information on customers, issues, and installed products automatically populates the service order, eliminating redundant data entry.

• Diagnose complex problems and identify solutions with the PeopleSoft product data model, which gives you complete flexibility to map customer products down to the component level.

• Readily review, revise, or create customer warranties and agreements directly from a service order

• MultiChannel (CTI, ERMS, Chat)

• PeopleSoft Service Management

PeopleSoft Enterprise Services Management enables you to manage lifecycle changes to existing services or installed products after the initial order. Lifecycle events such as feature changes, cancellations, and renewals are supported. With PeopleSoft Enterprise Services Management, you can maximize customer lifetime revenue.

• Generate invoices through integration with PeopleSoft Enterprise Billing

• Support renewals for intangible items

• Ensure accurate fulfillment and billing of configured items that have been updated

• Apply penalties for early cancellation of services.

• Manage changes to service orders


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