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Business Planning and Budgeting

Business Planning and Budgeting delivers top-down strategic planning with continuous forecasting and bottom-up budgeting
• End-to-End Planning and Budgeting: Seed detailed budgets with strategic plan goals that provide visibility into planning targets.
• Rolling Forecasting: Facilitate long-term and short-term planning by forecasting results that use historical information and updated plans to reflect current business models.
• Collaborative Environment: Interact with the portion of the plan applicable to your work. Role-based access allows employees at every level of the enterprise to focus on the information that is relevant to their activities.
• PeopleSoft’s Enterprise Warehouse: Incorporate information from other PeopleSoft or third-party applications as well as legacy data by using the Enterprise Warehouse open data model.
• Flexible System Design: Build control and oversight into the process by defining user rules and modeling your way of doing business, including using multiple currency functionality.
• Scenario-Based Modeling: Perform what-if analysis to measure the impact of different business scenarios.
• Dynamic Reporting and Analysis: Create full financial statement modeling on a pro forma basis.
• Intuitive User Interface: Use standard browser technology to provide instant access to financial data anytime, anywhere


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