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Rename File in Unix through PeopleCode
peoplesofttechworld.blogspot.comRename File in Unix through PeopleCode Exec(“mv /file1.csv /file2.csv”, %Exec_Asynchronous + %FilePath_Absolute);


PeopleSoft Help: Base64 Encoding, Decoding Appl package has all the methods needed for base64 encode and decode). class Base64Wrapper. method Base64Wrapper();. method encode(&am


PeopleSoft – Record Field Properties – Value | ThinkTibits!
thinktibits.blogspot.comAfter being involved in PeopleSoft development for so many years, I got an interesting question from one of my friend. In PeopleSoft, what i


The PeopleSoft Blog: Photo Upload interface code
ps.mytechspeak.comUse the code below in an application engine, peoplecode step, as per your requirement. Function PutPhotoInit: This function initializes empl


8 Core Beliefs of Extraordinary Bosses best managers have a fundamentally different understanding of workplace, company, and team dynamics. See what they get right.


Shyam’s PeopleSoft Blog: Changing ToolTip text in a PeopleSoft page usin…
peoplesoftwiki.blogspot.comThis is my PeopleSoft wiki – a PeopleSoft blog where I document every useful new stuff as I learn and experience. This PeopleSoft blog also


PeopleSoft Help: LeapYear SQL
peoplesofttechworld.blogspot.comSELECT CASE WHEN (SELECT Extract(DAY FROM Last_day(To_date(‘0201’ ||Extract(YEAR FROM SYSDATE), ‘mmddyyyy’))) FROM dual) = &


PeopleSoft Help: firstdaythismonth, lastdaythismonth, firstdayprevmonth,…
peoplesofttechworld.blogspot.comSELECT Trunc(SYSDATE, ‘MM’) firstdaythismonth, Last_day(Trunc(SYSDATE)) lastdaythismonth, Trunc(Trunc(SYSDATE, ‘MM’) – 1, &#


Yatish’s PeopleSoft Blog: Creating a Sequence in SQL
peoplesoftpros.blogspot.comA sequence can be created using the following command: CREATE sequence my_seq start WITH 1; Select from dual to increment your sequence numb


Yatish’s PeopleSoft Blog: Adding roles of a certain user to your Id
peoplesoftpros.blogspot.comAdding roles of a certain user to your Id. One of the easy ways of giving yourself all the roles/accesses of a particular user; no doubts yo


Yatish’s PeopleSoft Blog: SQL to determine the Permission Lists associat…
peoplesoftpros.blogspot.comThis Blog is created to collect, maintain & share peoplesoft related Technical/Functional knowledge. As life is a learning curve, let&#3


PeopleSoft Help: How to zip files through peoplecode
peoplesoft-help.blogspot.comPeopleSoft Help: How to zip files through peoplecode. PeopleSoft Help: How to zip files through peoplecode: How to zip files through peoplec


PeopleSoft Help: PeopleCode Help Bits 1*–PeopleCode Function: To make the thread wait for given time—*/ A) Function TimeCapsule(&sec As number) Returns boolean; &nNum


PeopleSoft Help: How to zip files through peoplecode
peoplesofttechworld.blogspot.comHow to zip files through peoplecode. Exec(“gzip -c <path>/file.txt > <path>/file.gz”, %Exec_Asynchronous + %FilePat



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