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Billing allows you to customize, calculate, and submit invoices in multiple currencies and languages. You can manage bill cycles and streamline processes to create a billing system that reflects the way you do business.
• Share customer information across business units, and maintain unlimited customer addresses and contacts.
• Access customer notes, and define your own payment terms.
• Record unlimited bill lines with definable line types.
• Apply unlimited, multilevel percentage or specific amount discounts and surcharges.
• Support zero and credit balance invoices, and establish one or multiple accounting entries per bill line.
• Store bill-to, ship-to, sold-to, and service-to customer information.
• Review, approve, and correct complete billing activity online.
• Streamline manual bill entry, and support online credit card authorization and credit card payment settlement.
• Supply bill charge information to Billing directly from PeopleSoft Enterprise Order Management, Projects, and Contracts.
• Receive direct RMA credits and credit card transactions from Order Management.
• Provide direct invoicing from PeopleSoft Order Management, Projects, and Contracts.
• Exchange accounting entries at summary or detail level with PeopleSoft General Ledger.
• Take advantage of a standardized application programming interface (API) to consolidate information from external third-party and homegrown billing source systems.
• Print invoices and billing reports in your customer’s preferred language and currency.
• Calculate value-added tax (VAT)


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