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Asset Management

Asset Management

Leverage the value of your fixed asset inventory and minimize the cost of tracking physical assets. Use a flexible system that extends beyond adding, transferring, depreciating, and retiring.
• Comprehensive financial and tax solutions. Ensure compliance with changing tax and accounting requirements.
• Flexible depreciation. Set up and maintain an unlimited number of depreciation methods for each asset.
• Unsurpassed asset control. Store extensive physical asset information to maintain tight control over your assets throughout their life cycle.
• Powerful asset, adjustment, and transfer functionality.
• Capital acquisition planning. Plan, budget, and track capital acquisitions.
• Insurance, licensing, and regulation management. Retain, analyze, and manage comprehensive coverage and location information of your assets as well as costs and insurance claims.
• Extensive asset inventory tools. Reconcile inventory data collected from inventory collection instruments, including hand-held devices and discovery tools.


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